best wax melts

What are the best wax melts?

best wax melts

So what are the best wax melts?

Well, of course this broad question inevitably falls on matter of opinion, however our expertise can certainly give you some information to help you decide. This short piece of advice will likely answer other questions you may have too, such as 'which wax melts last the longest?' and 'which wax melts smell the strongest?'.

Before you read on, if you're new to wax melts, you can find out exactly what wax melts are and how to use them here

Firstly, a wax melt must have an appropriate 'carrier'. The carrier being the wax.

You'll likely be aware of the two most common types of wax which are paraffin wax and soy wax.

Each type of wax can be blended with another to create a unique blend, or it can be kept pure; the type of paraffin and soy wax available isn't a one size fits all approach, either. 

As manufactures of soy wax melts ourselves, it is our role to pick what we deem to be the very best carrier available, by exploring different varieties to create something unique. Therefore, when Glass & Wick was founded, an incredible amount of testing commenced to find, what we deemed, would create the best wax melts. 

Secondly, the best wax melts are dependent on the type and quality of fragrance used.

There are literally tens of thousands of different fragrances available. 

There is a lot of complexity when it comes to finding the very best fragrances to use, not just in regards to the the actual scent, but it's compatibility too. For example, many fragrance oils are created for sole purposes such as candles or perfumes; it's a common misconception that you can simply take some wax and some fragrance to create a beautifully scented, long lasting wax melt.

In summary, the best wax melts are only created when the best ingredients have been sourced to ensure both compatibility and quality, and even then it's down to the manufacturer to use tried and tested techniques to ensure the finished product performs as beautifully as one would hope.

Finally, it's imperative it is used in the correct way, so that it performs as intended. You can find out exactly how to safely and effectively use a wax melt here

With all this in mind, we recommend you look for the following indicators when searching for your version of 'the best wax melt':

- Excellent reviews from a sizeable pool of people

- A considered variety of scents on offer. Much like a restaurant; the smaller menus often indicate quality ingredients, great care and attention to detail.

- Expertise. 

You can browse our collection of luxury, hand poured Soy Wax Melts, here

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