What are wax melts?

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What are wax melts?

Wax melts have become increasingly popular over the last few years. But what are wax melts and how do wax melts differ when compared to candles? 

Wax melts are a blend of wax and fragrance or essential oil, depending on the type of wax melt you're buying. You'll find a wide variety of wax melt shapes and sizes online, including snap bars, clamshells, stars, circles and squares to name a few. You'll also notice that some wax melts are decorated with glitter, colouring or, our personal favourite, beautiful dried botanicals. 

Glass & Wick's range of luxury soy wax melts contain the finest quality fragrance oil and 100% natural soy wax. When curating our perfect recipe, we tested a wide variety of waxes and fragrance oils to ensure only the most luxurious wax melts were made available to our lovely customers! 

So, how do wax melts compare to candles?

There are many differences between wax melts and candles. However, we've broken down the most popular questions we receive when comparing the two.

Do wax melts smell stronger than candles? The technical term for this is 'scent throw', easily remembered because the scent is thrown around the room. Typically, a wax melt will always smell stronger than a candle, simply because the way a wax melt throws the scent is different to a candle. Whereas a candle is fuelled by a burning wick, a wax melt is heated by placing the melt into the well of a wax melt burner and heating the melt below using a tea light. If you have an electric burner, the same theory still applies. As the wax melt begins to melt, the fragrance oil heats up and evaporates, creating a beautiful smell throughout the room.

How long does a wax melt last? You'll notice that the wax doesn't dissipate like a candle, which can trick some users into thinking the wax melt isn't finished with yet. As soon as your wax melt isn't throwing the desired strength of fragrance, simply remove the solidified wax and replace with a new melt! Ensure you don't add a wax melt to an existing one, as this will dilute the new wax melt.

Do we recommend using wax melts or a candle? The answer to this question is purely down to personal preference. Our answer to this is both! We find wax melts are the perfect option for quickly and conveniently creating beautiful aromas throughout your home. Wax melts are especially useful as you can use them for a short period of time without effecting the performance of the melt. In contrast, a candle must be lit for a longer period of time to ensure the candle is cared for properly, creates the desired scent throw and doesn't tunnel. Wax melts are also a more cost effective way of exploring new fragrances. Glass & Wick's luxury soy wax melts are only £4.95!

However, if you're like us and feel nothing compares to the warm, ambient glow of candle light, our Signature collection candles are the perfect pick me up. For a smooth and relaxing fragrance experience, you can explore our range of Signature candle fragrances and if you really want to treat yourself, our dual-wick amber glass candle is not to be overlooked! 

Hopefully you now feel well informed when it comes to wax melts and you're ready to experience a new obsession of luxury interior fragrance! You can learn about our customers' experiences on each of our product pages. 


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