Scenting Your Home, This Spring: The Ultimate Guide!

Scenting Your Home, This Spring: The Ultimate Guide!

Finally, the days are getting warmer, flowers are in full bloom and Spring is well and truly underway. In this blog, I'll share my ultimate guide to scenting your home for the Spring season, and I hope it helps you to enjoy bringing the outdoors, in! 

We all know that British weather is unpredictable, to say the least, so it's important to ensure you have a range of Spring fragrances to keep your home smelling delightful, whatever the weather! Even when the sun is beaming down, there comes a point later in the day when the chill of the evening air makes an appearance, and it's time to retreat to the comfort of the living room. With guests allowed back in your home, it's never been more important to welcome them with the evocative scents of Spring.

Choosing fragrances for your home can be overwhelming when there's so much to choose from!

It's easy to simply choose a variety of products that 'sound nice', but you can achieve so much more from your home fragrance when the combination of scents is well considered, and the type of product appropriate for each room is used. Put simply, you wouldn't accompany Quiche with Samosas - sure, you would still enjoy each flavour individually, but the flavour of one wouldn't elevate the flavour of the other!

Certain fragrances work better in specific rooms when considering the size, how it is used on a day to day basis and what mood you are trying to create. Therefore, you need to consider what will work best in the space:

A large room: A dual-wick candle or Soy Wax Melts; both are designed to create stronger scent throw which will carry scent throughout a larger space.

A small space with more frequent passing traffic: A reed diffuser to welcome you home, or delight anyone walking past to go upstairs or down.

A medium sized, 'chill out' room: An ambient, Signature Collection candle to create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere.

Here are our ultimate 'must-haves'!

The Terracotta Burner 

This adorable Terracotta burner is an essential for the Spring/Summer season; it looks just as stylish outdoors as it does indoors.

Try something you may not have considered before - enjoying your wax melts in the garden! Using outdoor candles is standard procedure for atmosphere, but taking your burner outside is often overlooked!

The flicker of candle light through the delicate cut out pattern is sure to add depth and warmth to any tablescape, whilst providing an unbeatable outdoor scent throw. The unexpected wafts of your favourite Spring scents are sure to delight guests and compliment your outdoor setting.

(Ensure your burner is away from drafts to keep the tea light lit and always bring this back inside to avoid it getting wet!)

Again, try to carefully consider which fragrances will compliment your outdoor set up and the natural aromas of your garden. If you're serving food, you may want to consider a crisp, citrus fragrance like Lime, Basil & Mandarin. If it's just a case of wrapping up by the Chiminea and enjoying a cold glass of wine, try Wood Smoke & Jasmine; a fragrance inspired by this exact scenario! Other personal favourites for outdoor use include: British Bluebells, Garden Rose & Coriander and Blackcurrant & Tuberose. 

Added bonus; Terracotta is a HUGE interior trend this season. Try complimenting this burner with some beautiful terracotta pots filled with your favourite plants or herbs, outdoor cushions to settle down for the evening or serviettes to accompany your latest table-scape design. Here's some Terracotta inspo for you... 


Photo Credit: Bloomingville




 British Bluebells


It's no secret that this is my favourite Spring fragrance; I consider it to be THE must-have fragrance of the season. It's one of those fragrances that keeps you going back for more; with every intake of scent revealing further notes of floral delight. 

For many, the scent evokes walks in the British countryside, discovering the beauty of a carpet of newly bloomed bluebells. 

I have the British Bluebells Reed Diffuser in our hallway, and there's nothing more delightful than walking through the front door and experiencing the instant hit of this scent; although it is deeply floral, it has a freshness to it which makes it perfect for an entrance. Diffusers perform best in high traffic spaces, with good air circulation, so a diffuser in the hallway is perfect! Because they are so low-maintenance, they make for a really simple way to keep your home continually smelling fresh and lovely at all times; let's face it, you can't be burning a candle or wax melt for 24 hours a day, so these are an absolute 'must have' for a home you wish to smell continually beautiful. 

Dual-Wick Amber Candles

I LOVE these statement candles. As far as scent throw goes; these really pack a punch. The dual wick feature makes them ideal for larger rooms as they really do release a beautifully strong fragrance, without being overpowering. Have a look at our reviews, if you need a little more convincing! 

These are great for complimenting your indoor or outdoor set up. The amber glass makes for an impactful styling piece, and the jet black lid is the perfect finish; offering a means of keeping your candle free from any dust and containing the irresistible scent throw before its next light.

We like to keep this particular candle quite exclusive, so our fragrance selection is a little smaller for this range, choosing scents that perform particularly well in our testing, as well as scents that we think 'fit' with the look of the vessel. This season, we went for two of our favourites; Sea Mist & Driftwood, and Moroccan Orange Blossom. 

You can browse the fragrances by clicking the scent names above. If you want something soothing, revitalising and clean, which is perfectly suited to a bathroom or bedroom, then I recommend choosing Sea Mist & Driftwood. 

If it's a layered, indulgent and exotic fragrance you're looking for, then Moroccan Orange Blossom is for you. 

Garden Rose & Coriander 

I already know what you're thinking - "I don't like rose", or "I haaate coriander". No. Stop. Trust me! This fragrance was chosen for a reason; it is absolutely divine.

I asked for customer feedback on this scent specifically when writing this blog and this is the first response I had:

'It's an unusual and unique scent that turns your home into a heavenly country garden.'

When it comes to choosing fragrances, it is important to recognise that the notes are working together, merging and layering with each surrounding note to create a stunning end result. 

So, when burning Garden Rose & Coriander, you won't actually think "ooh that's like sticking my face into the middle of a rose" or "oh my goodness that smells of pure coriander", it's actually a deeply indulgent fragrance, with a dark edge of rose and nuances of fresh coriander providing a crisp and vibrant finish. Never let the name of a fragrance scare you away. Time and time again we provide samples of fragrances we notice people are a little cautious to try and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. 

You can see Garden Rose & Coriander scent notes here.

In a nutshell...

So, when it comes to scenting your home, sit back and consider how you wish to experience your home this Season. Hopefully, the above recommendations will provide you with a starting point and encourage you to explore this dimension of home styling.

If you're still feeling overwhelmed with choice, I have put together my Spring must haves in a range of 'Bundles', all of which range from £49.95 - £99.95, with huge savings of up to 20% off! Alternatively, you can comment below and I will be happy to provide some extra help!

We love to see how you fragrance your homes with our products, so keep sharing your lovely photos and testimonials. 

Bianca (Founder)

Photo credits: 

Terracotta Desk Shot: @Bloomingville 
Terracotta Cushion Shot: @Trouva
Terracotta Living Room Shot: @shakemyblog
Terracotta tea pots shot: @artandsoil

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Jen Chapman

Jen Chapman

This post was just what I needed! Love the idea of using the wax melts in the garden, it really will set the mood for all our garden parties. You are totally right about the Garden Rose & Corriander. I am not usually a fan of either of those scents, but together. They are something else! Looking forward to the next post x

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