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About Us 

We are a business with humble beginnings; I founded Glass & Wick in 2019 from our kitchen, though it has quickly blossomed into an established brand, offering affordable yet luxurious interior fragrance and lifestyle accessories.

Bianca glass and wick

My love affair with fragrance began somewhat subconsciously from an early age, where I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by beautiful blooms. For generations and generations, my family (including uncles, aunties, grandparents, cousins) have worked as market traders at the infamous Columbia Road Flower Market. A market with an atmosphere like no other, and the most delightful flowers you will lay eyes on!

Here is my beautiful mum on her stall. You'll find my mum and the majority of my family behind their stalls every Sunday - be sure to say 'Hi' if you see them!

columbia road flower market

I hold fond memories of the back of my dad’s lorry bursting at the seams with seasonal delights; from hyacinths and peonies in Spring, to sweet peas and freesias in Summer and eucalyptus and pine trees in December.

Walking into my mum’s flower fridge was always like walking into a treasure trove; not knowing which flowers would be waiting in the fridge for that Sunday’s market and a symphony of heady aromas from cut blooms mingling together. Though I did not realise it at the time; these fragrances would unlock the special memories of the flower market in years to come. It’s no secret that this is what fragrance is all about; the power to transport you right back to a special time, place or memory and equally as magical, the power to create new memories without even realising, ready to unlock again in the future.

Glass & Wick began as a happy accident; after an attempt at making candles with a rather questionable candle making kit! It was after making my first candle that I realised how much complexity there was behind it; down to creating the perfect recipe for a candle that not only smells delightful but is sustainably produced and burns cleanly - something that is a lot harder than I initially anticipated! As a bit of a perfectionist and determined not to be beaten, I began my mission to create a beautiful candle and after much trial and error, Glass & Wick was established in October 2019.  

As Glass & Wick grew, so did our team and it wasn’t long before my fiancee, Joe, brought his business expertise and jumped on board full- time! We combined my love of fragrance, interiors and creativity with his entrepreneurial mindset to grow our business. 

"It was incredibly important to both me and Bianca that we built a business around good ethics and high quality products which not only performed well but looked beautiful in our customers’ homes. As the volume of orders grew, so did our intent on being as eco-friendly as possible; use a sheet of plastic bubble wrap once and you feel a bit bad, but the thought of using a sheet of plastic bubble wrap for 10,000 orders just wasn’t an option for us. Almost right from the very beginning we set our operation up as we meant to go on. From eco-friendly packaging to planting 2 trees for every single order placed, we’re always looking to cancel out our carbon footprint as a minimum and where possible, continually make positive contributions to the world we live in. So far, together with our amazing customers, we've planted over 15,000 trees!" - Joe

Thanks to our wonderful customers and their continued support, we have had the pleasure of growing Glass & Wick from a kitchen business, to an established brand with a studio, and four members of staff (five, if you count our Jack Russell Angel, though she spends more time sleeping on the job than getting much done!)

Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and we hope that through Glass & Wick you unlock your own fond memories and are continually transported to your happy place, right from the comfort of your own home. 

Thank you for visiting our little online store!

Bianca & Joe