Our Signature Candle blend, housed in a luxurious amber glass vessel, finished with a black brushed metal lid.

A bold and opulent design; perfect for creating a statement in any interior. Each candle in this collection is perfectly fragranced, fuelled by two wicks for optimum scent throw and a sense of indulgence. 

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Sea Mist & Driftwood Dual-Wick
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wild mint dual wick
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Ambient, Gentle Scenting

Crafted by experts, each scent houses a new fragrant experience, ready to unlock.

Hand Blended & Poured

Each candle is meticulously hand crafted in-house.

Made with Rapeseed & Coconut Wax

Hand poured using sustainable coconut & rapeseed wax, our candles provide a clean, gentle burn without compromising on scent throw.