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8 Black Fibre Reeds

Our signature diffusers are larger than your average diffuser and last for many months; so much so, that occasionally you may find the oil outlives your reeds. This will vary from fragrance to fragrance and is totally dependant on the conditions of each individual home (such as temperature, air circulation and even diffuser placement!)

This is because over time, reeds can become clogged with dust particles from the air. If your oil stops decreasing and your reeds are no longer dispersing fragrance as you would like them to, even after flipping them, it is most likely time to replace the reeds. 

Simply remove your existing reeds and dispose of them, give your diffuser bottle a very gentle, level swirl and replace with a fresh set of reeds. Your diffuser will be as good as new!

Please note: Glass & Wick diffusers have been formulated and tested to perform with our reeds. Materials and quality of reeds can vary heavily from supplier to supplier, and we therefore do not recommend using reeds from other brands, as we cannot guarantee that they will perform well with our diffuser formulation.

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