Two game-changing hacks to remove your wax melt from your burner

how to remove a wax melt from a burner

We've seen some pretty inventive and sometimes rather scary attempts at removing a wax melt from a burner. 

From hacking away at the solidified wax with a kitchen utensil, to pouring it down the sink - we've seen it all!

We can assure you, however, that there are 2 very simple, non-messy and effective ways to swap out your old melt for a new one. 

Method 1 -

(Demonstrated in a video reel on our Instagram page).

Once your melt has solidified, place a 4 hour tea light in the burner, just as you would normally. 

Allow approximately 15 seconds for the base of the dish to heat, which will in turn melt the bottom of the wax melt disc; you're simply waiting for the bottom of your wax melt to melt, whilst ensuring the top is still solid.

Give the wax a gentle push from the side of the melt and it will slip straight out, ready to pop in the bin.  Wipe any residue away with a dry piece of kitchen paper and you're good to go!

Method 2 -

Whilst the melt is still in liquid form, place a cotton wool pad into the burner (2 if required) and allow the wax melt to soak into the pad. Pick it up, wipe any residue away and put it in the bin. 

Ensure all residue is wiped out of the dish and you're ready to place a new melt in your burner. 

Remember, never add a new wax melt to a used one as you will dilute the fragrance of the new wax melt. Additionally, only ever use a small, 4 hour tealight in your burner. Not only will a larger tealight make your burner susceptible to overheating, you'll burn the fragrance off too quickly and lose hours of luxurious fragrance!

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Michele Bates

Michele Bates

Absolutely perfect ideas – thank-you

Sue Glew

Sue Glew

Thanks for the tips of removing old wax.



Excellent!! I had been of the kitchen utensil school!!!

Nicola Harris-Simmonds

Nicola Harris-Simmonds

Ohhhh I’m so glad you’ve said this!! I always get in a right 2 and 8 trying to get rid of it!!
Thank you

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