How long do wax melts last?

Long lasting wax melt

A question often asked by our customers is 'how long do wax melts last?'

The length of a time a wax melt lasts is dependent on a number of factors, however you should expect to enjoy at least 2-3 burns - i.e - 2 - 3 tea lights worth before changing your melt. 

Choose the perfect wax melt burner

Firstly, the correct burner will be a huge contributing factor in ensuring you get the most from your wax melt. You'll likely be familiar with placing a small tea light in your burner and waiting a few minutes for the wax to melt. Fragrance is then thrown around the room as a result of the wax heating and the fragrance oil evaporating into the air. The shorter the burner and thus the closer the wax to the tea light, the hotter the wax will become and the quicker the fragrance oil will evaporate from the well. Therefore in this scenario, your wax melt will last a shorter amount of time, though will provide a more intense fragrance throw; ideal for bath times. The ideal sized wax burner for general use, is approximately 10cm tall. 

Quality is key to a long lasting melt

Secondly, the quality of the melt itself is naturally a very important factor. You can be extremely confident that your Glass & Wick wax melts will stand the test of time. We advise all of our customers to expect an approximate usage time of between 8 and 10 hours per wax melt. For those that wish to experience an even stronger scent throw, placing 2 melts in the well of your burner is advised. You can thank our high quality fragrance oils, 100% natural wax and strict temperature control during production for the long lasting, perfectly balanced scent throw created. 

Another factor you may not have considered is the size and quality of the tea light you use. It is extremely important to ensure you use a small, unscented tea light (4hr). Too large and the burner may become too hot causing the burner to crack and become unsafe to use. Good quality tea lights are easily found in most super markets. As is often the case, investing in good quality items is best. 

So, if you're looking to create a sense of calm and opulence within your home you're in the right place! Glass & Wick specialises in curating the most magnificent range of luxury interior fragrance products. If you're unsure what to go for, take a moment to read our reviews on each product page. 

Top Tip:

Never add a new wax melt to an old wax melt pool. This will dilute your fresh wax melt and result in less scent throw. 


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