Introducing The Joy Journal

Introducing The Joy Journal

At Glass & Wick, we’re about so much more than home fragrance. 


 We’re passionate about many of the same things as you; our homes, our wellbeing, our friends, family and ultimately - finding little moments of joy in the simple every day. 


For a long time, we've envisioned a place where we can share that with you, and where you can share it with us. 


Here's why we think The Joy Journal is going to be just the thing…


With each product we create, we strive to spread joy...

Over the years, we've been privileged to have received countless messages from you; sharing the joyous moments you and others have experienced when receiving, using and gifting our hand-poured creations. 


From the unexpected and overwhelming moment you stumble upon a scent that unlocks a forgotten memory, to sharing your favourite scents with family and friends.


It’s really the reason we love what we do.


"Surround Yourself with Joy"

What does ‘Surround Yourself with Joy’ mean to you?


There's no one answer, and the meaning is ever-evolving. But, it's what we feel really captures the essence of our ethos at Glass & Wick.

To us, Surround Yourself with Joy means consciously creating and finding beauty in small, every day moments…


Lighting your favourite candle on a Monday ‘just because'.


Appreciating the beauty of the changing seasons; from budding blooms in Spring to frosted leaves in Winter.


Arranging fresh flowers, because it makes your home feel like sunshine.


It's all about romanticising the every day, as a means of slowing down and appreciating time.

So, what can you look forward to in The Joy Journals?

Think conversations with lovely people just like you, styling tips from homebodies, recipes from foodies, stories of fellow business owners, and all sorts of uplifting lifestyle content.


From simple ways to make your home even more homely, to creative, mindful activities like tablescaping and more - The Joy Journal will pull together all the things we love, and think you will too.


We'll also use The Joy Journal for sharing exciting updates from behind the scenes, to really keep you in the loop with all things Glass & Wick.

& as a thank you for following along...

We'll weave in plenty of opportunities for you to win thoughtfully curated bundles of scented goodies, from us, as well as other beautiful brands along the way.


Thank you so much for reading this little introduction to the Joy Journal, and we can't wait to publish the first one!





P.S. We asked you what ‘surround yourself with joy’ means to you…


If you could just share one thing that brings you joy in the comments, it'll not only make our day beyond belief, but someone else's when they read it!


Simply scroll down to leave your comment.


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Cynthia Prince

Cynthia Prince

Joy for me is so many things but one of them, which may seem unusual to some, is seeing young people making a success of their lives, especially when they have been a student I taught. I love your products so much



Joy for me is in nature, fresh air, the warm sun, the cool breeze, the changing seasons, the lake water on my skin, a healthy, happy family and fabulous friends who lift and brighten every day 🌳🌹☀️☔️🌊

Gen Major

Gen Major

Surrounding myself with joy means surrounding myself with nature, the early morning dog walk, open water swimming, opening up the bifold doors and sitting in the garden. Loving the ritual of the monthly subscription box and lighting my G&W burners at the weekend, the Tuscan vine leaves and Sicilian lemon grove is taking me right back to some lovely holidays enjoying nature too x

Glass & Wick

Glass & Wick

Janey – this is so lovely and we couldn’t agree more. Friends & family are so very important.
Bianca x

Glass & Wick

Glass & Wick

Sue – I love those! x

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