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Candle Care Set


Our statement matching candle snuffer and wick trimmer set. Also available as individual items.

Make your candle last longer and maintain a quality burn throughout its life with our stylish candle care set; a must have for any candle owner. 

Candle Snuffer

You should never blow your candles out, as this can dig the wick into the wax, splatter wax against the candle vessel and also produce an excessive level of smoke, which can spoil the scent throw. 

Wick Trimmers

To ensure a clean and steady burn, it is essential that you trim the wick of your candle to 5mm between every burn. Our elegant trimmers are conveniently designed to trim the wick of your candle to this exact length; doing so will significantly extend the burn time of your candle; allowing you to enjoy beautiful fragrance in your home for even longer! 

Home Styling Tip:

Try displaying your candle care set next to your favourite candle or placed on top of a stylish book or display tray to create a beautiful focal point.

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