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Our working turnaround time changes based on current demand, therefore please refer to your order confirmation email which outlines the applicable dispatch times.

As soon as we have packed your order, you will receive an email notification to confirm shipment.

Rest assured, our small team are always working their hardest to dispatch your order as quickly as we can.

The moment your parcel is shipped, you will receive a dispatch notification email which outlines all delivery times.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide interim updates as we aren't provided with these by the courier.

If the time frames advised within your dispatch notification email have lapsed, we will be able to assist promptly. In this instance, please email hello@glassandwick.com, stating your order number.

Firstly, please accept our apologies for any errors made. In short, we will ensure any errors are amended as quickly as possible.

Please email hello@glassandwick.com to notify us as soon as possible, including any photos where applicable.

Once reviewed, we will ship the order again using Royal Mail 1st class.

Please note, any items which are out of stock and therefore can not be re-sent will be reimbursed by way of a refund or appropriate replacement, in accordance with our returns policy.

Our team are here to help as much as possible and endeavour to reply to all enquiries within 2-3 working days.

For enquiries which require an urgent response, please call our office number on 0115 850 099.

Managing Your Customer Account & Subscriptions

Whether you're subscribed to our mailing list or have a wax melt subscription box you'll still need to activate your account so that you can manage your customer information.

To do this, simply click the icon of a person at the top right of the page, where you'll be able to create an account.

If you're an existing customer, we recommend creating an account using the email address you've purchased under before. This means that your new account will reconcile all of your previous orders and customer information.

If you haven't received this notifcation email, firstly please check that you have entered the correct email address; if the email address is correct, please check your junk folder.

If you still can't find the email, please let us know by emailing hello@glassandwick.com and we will help ensure this is sorted for you.

Wax Melt Subscription Box

All subscription boxes are dispatched on the 20th of the month or next working day whereby the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday period. This means that your box should arrive with you around 3 working days after it was dispatched.

If you find you still haven't received your subscription box 3 days after it was dispatched, please refer to your dispatch notification email which outlines what to do now.

This will only apply to customers who have subscribed shortly after the cut-off date of the 19th of the month.

To give an example, if you have subscribed on the 21st of the month, you will have likely been charged again, prior to receiving your first box. The reason for this is because your first box will have been dispatched on the 20th of the month and take a few days to get to you. During this time, your second payment will have come out for the following month's box.

Rest assured, you have not been charged twice for the same product.

By ordering your subscription box amongst other items, we understand that you wish to receive all of these items along with the subscription box, after the 20th of the month (as per the product description).

When other items are included, our advised turnaround time will also apply. For example, if you have subscribed on the 18th of month, your order will be dispatched 5-7 working days after.

If you wish to advance the time in which you receive the other items, we can process a refund for these and kindly ask them to be ordered again separately.

As it stands, all items will be shipped with your subscription box, as originally ordered.

Any declined payment is attempted 2 further times, afterwhich our system automatically cancels your subscription. This means that if your payment was declined once, our system will automatically try again later that day.

There are several common reasons why your payment was declined:

- Insufficient funds

- A change of billing address

- A new card issued

- Your bank's security measures have changed

In the case of insufficient funds, you can top up your balance ready for the next charge later that day. Once successfully charged, you'll receive an order confirmation email.

In the instance whereby your billing details have changed, you will need to log in to your customer account (see 'Managing Your Customer Account' above if not activated). Once logged in, you can ammend your billing details. Please note, once successful your next charge will be scheduled for 30 days time, therefore should you wish to be included in this month’s box, please email hello@glassandwick.com

If you're stuggling to make any amendments, please call us on 0115 8500998 for us to sort this for you. You are able to email us with any address changes, however for new card payment details, please do not detail this private information to us via email, as we can not guarantee the security of this sensitive information.

If none of the above apply, it is likely your bank's security measures have changed. Depending on with whom you bank with, you may be able to manage these security measures in your banking app, however it may be that you need to call the bank to ask why this payment has been denied.

After your first 2 payments, you can cancel your subscription box at any time.

You can do this via two ways:

The quickest way is to do so via your customer account. Please ensure your customer account is activated, otherwise your email address will not be recognised. To activate your account (if you haven't done so already), you just need to click the little person icon at the top right of our homepage. Enter the email address your subscription box was purchased under and create a password. Once done, you can log in and manage your subscription from here.

Alternatively, please email hello@glassandwick.com, stating your order number, so that we can ensure no further payments are taken.

Of course, thank you so much for subscribing and we hope you enjoyed your recent deliveries.

Product Guidance

All of our hand poured items are made with high quality ingredients and rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance. We've listed some important information below, to help you enjoy our products as intended.


You'll find all of our top candle care tips enclosed within your candle, on a nifty little card.

All of our candles are carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail. If you treat them with the same love and care once they reach you, we promise a beautiful candle burning experience.

Trimming your candle wick between burns is essential in ensuring a clean burn, whilst also significantly extending the life of your candle (and who doesn't want extra hours of gorgeous fragrance?)

You'll also notice that trimming the wick before lighting prevents sooting and ensures a smaller, steadier flame.

Not only that, but it's a rather therapeutic job, especially if you grab yourself some of our stylish wick trimmers (but don't worry - you can simply use scissors if not).

To achieve the intended scent throw, the candle must be burned for approximately 4 hours, each burn.

This will ensure a full melt pool is achieved (wax melted all the way to the edges). As the burn time gets longer, the scent throw will increase to its fullest.

In larger rooms, there is naturally a bigger space to fill with fragrance. In instances whereby the space your candle is being used in is larger than average, you may wish to use two of the same candles at the same time, or use one of our dual-wick candles.

Please be advised that scent is highly subjective and fragrances are perceived differently from person to person.

Our team at Glass & Wick all have different preferences to scent and opinions on certain strengths. Whereas all of our candles are designed to provide a pleasant and noticeable scent throw, the exact strength of the scent can differ, therefore no two fragrances will necessarily achieve exactly the same scent throw.

It is essential that the candle is burned for approximately 4 hours each burn, otherwise your candle will tunnel.

Please be advised that tunnelling is quite literal, whereby a substantial amount of wax remains around the edges. In contrast, a small amount of wax on the edges, particularly during the first few burns is known as 'hang up'. As long as the candle care guide is being followed throughout the life of the candle, this hang up will dissipate as the candle burns lower down the vessel.

Reed Diffusers

Our Reed Diffusers are designed to continually and gently emit fragrance into a space. The best places to enjoy a reed diffuser are areas that experience frequent traffic and good air circulation, such as an entrance porch/hall, a landing or entrance to a frequently used room.

As mentioned above, placing your Reed Diffuser in an area that experiences good air circulation and high volumes of traffic, is best. When the reeds are disturbed by breezes, from people passing by, or doors and windows being opened, the scent will be best emitted into the space.

If you're starting to experience less of a scent throw over time, try changing the placement of the diffuser. This can be over to a different side of the room or higher or lower on a shelf, for example. As you integrate Reed Diffusers throughout your home, simple trial and error will allow you to find the best places to experience our diffusers.

Our black fibre reeds are specifically designed not to clog as quickly as other types. That being said, it is advised to flip the reeds every few weeks to maximise performance; once flipped, they should be left to begin emitting the fragrance again.

It is essential that you do not continually flip the reeds.

There are two possible reasons for this to occur. Either the placement of your diffuser is not a high traffic area or one with good air flow, meaning the scent isn't being emitted through the air. Alternatively, this may occur after 12-16 weeks of use, whereby your reeds have picked up general household dust and need replacing. We have replacement reeds on our website which will give your diffuser a new lease of life.

Soy Wax Melts

In short, our soy wax melts are compatible in any purpose made wax melt burner.

Please be advised that the scent throw of a wax melt is dictated by the temprature it is heated up to. This is influenced by the wattage of the bulb. For instance, a 15W bulb will heat the melt far less than a 25W bulb, resulting in a more subtle scent throw.

Typically, electric burners range between 15W (wall plug-in) and 25-40W, stand-alone warmers.

If you find either the desired scent throw is not being reached, or a properley heated melt pool is not being achieved, you may wish to use a different burner or increase the wattage of the bulb. If changing the bulb, it is essential you use a compatable bulb and that the wattage does not exceed the burner manufacturers guidance on suitable wattage.

We always advise using a small, 4 hour tealight when burning any of our soy wax melts.

This is to prevent several things:

- The burner overheating and becoming unsafe

- The wax burning and producing an unpleasant smell

- The wax melt only lasting a short period of time, due to the fragrance burning off too quickly

If your wax melt burner is particularly large, it may require a larger tealight in order to heat the wax melt appropriately. However, please only do so if recommended by the manufacturer/store merchant.

We, as well as our suppliers, conform to the highest safety standards set out by the IFRA - the very same standards your favourite perfume brands adhere to, too.

When ensuring your pets are in a safe and happy environment, nothing is more important. As dog owners ourselves, we feel exactly the same.

Despite this, our products are proudly untested on animals. Therefore, all we can say is that many of our customers, as well as ourselves, enjoy scenting our homes with pets around and do not encounter any problems.

However, like humans, all animals are unique and this does not account for any anomalies, such as allergies.

Therefore, if you're new to scenting your home, we would advise leaving a door open for your pet to exit the room if they are unhappy.

Of course, please always keep any products out of reach of animals, so that they can not be ingested.

There are two ways to do this. Just visit our article here and have a read

We pour our wax melts in large batches. Each recipe is rigorously tested to ensure it is of the highest standard.

Despite our high standards, we understand that everybody has their own unique perception of scent; one scent profile may be perceived significantly stronger than another which is why we don't catagorise scents by strength. Rest assured, our high standards mean a minimum expectation is always met before a scent is released.

Moreover, the equipment you are using to enjoy your wax melts is a huge factor in the strength of the 'hot throw' (the level of scent emitted from a wax melt, whilst it is burning). If you're using the wrong type of burner or tealight, this can significantly impact the performance of your wax melts.

We always advise using a standard sized burner (approximately 10cm tall) and a good quality, small, unscented, four hour tealight. This will ensure optimum scent throw and longevity of our wax melts.

Using a larger tealight is unsafe, and will burn the fragrance off of a wax melt entirely, resulting in no scent throw, or an unpleasant smell of burning wax. The same can be said if you are using an extremely small burner, which is more suited to burning oils than wax melts.

If you have followed our guidance and still find that you're not experiencing any scent, please do get in touch so that we can investigate further.

Unlike a candle, the wax part of the wax melt doesn't dissipate. When a wax melt is ready to be replaced, it's because you can't smell the lovely scent anymore, not because it's disappeared.

You can discover two easy ways to remove your solidified wax melt from your burner, here.