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Product Guidance

All of our hand poured items are rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance. To ensure you experience the product as intended, we've answered some questions below to assist:


All of our candles must be used correctly to ensure the desired effect - I.e - Scent throw, durability and safe usage. Failure to follow the below guidance may result in the product not performing appropriately. All candles are poured in-house as large batches to our exacting standards and packaged with a candle care guide which must be followed.

To achieve the intended scent throw, the candle must be burned for approximately 4 hours, each burn. This will ensure a full melt pool is achieved (wax melted all the way to the edges). As the burn time gets longer, the scent throw will increase to its fullest. Ensure the entire burn time has been achieved before concluding the scent is less than expected.

In larger rooms, there is naturally a bigger space to fill with fragrance. In instances whereby the space your candle is being used in is larger than average, you may wish to use two of the same candles at the same time.

Please be advised that scent is subjective and fragrances are perceived differently from person to person. Our team at Glass & Wick all have different preferences to scent and opinions on certain strengths. Whereas all of our candles are designed to provide a pleasant and noticeable scent throw, the exact strength of the scent can differ, therefore no two fragrances will necessarily achieve exactly the same scent throw.

It is essential that the candle is burned for approximately 4 hours each burn, otherwise the candle will tunnel. Please be advised that tunnelling is quite literal, whereby a substantial amount of wax remains around the edges. In contrast, a small amount of wax on the edges, particularly during the first few burns is known as 'hang up'. As long as the candle care guide is being followed throughout the life of the candle, this hang up should dissipate as the candle burns lower down the vessel.

Reed Diffusers

Our Reed Diffusers are designed to continually and gently emit fragrance into a space. The best places to enjoy a reed diffuser are areas that experience frequent traffic and good air circulation, such as an entrance porch/hall, a landing or entrance to a frequently used room.

As mentioned above, placing your Reed Diffuser in an area that experiences good air circulation and high volumes of traffic, is best. When the reeds are disturbed by breezes, from people passing by, or doors and windows being opened, the scent will be best emitted into the space.

If you're starting to experience less of a scent throw over time, try changing the placement of the diffuser. This can be over to a different side of the room or higher or lower on a shelf, for example. As you integrate Reed Diffusers throughout your home, simple trial and error will allow you to find the best places to experience our diffusers.

Our black fibre reeds are specifically designed not to clog as quickly as other types. That being said, it is advised to flip the reeds every few weeks to maximise performance; once flipped, they should be left to begin emitting the fragrance again.

It is essential that you do not continually flip the reeds.

There are two possible reasons for this to occur. Either the placement of your diffuser is not a high traffic area or one with good air flow, meaning the scent isn't being emitted through the air. Alternatively, this may occur after 12-16 weeks of use, whereby your reeds have picked up general household dust and need replacing. We have replacement reeds on our website which will give your diffuser a new lease of life.