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Wax Melt Subscription Box - Little Letter Box

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  • Any time use of code LLB23 for FREE SHIPPING on orders over £20
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Minimum 25% monthly saving with free shipping on each box
  • Early access to exclusive scents throughout the year
  • Access to our private Facebook group, featuring competitions, discounts and discussions

It's never been simpler to keep your home smelling wonderful, with our Little Letterbox Wax Melt Subscription.

With each box that's pops through your letterbox, you'll experience the joy of discovering your new favourite scents every month (without having to give it a single thought!)

By joining our wax melt subscription box, you'll benefit from excellent monthly savings, exclusive subscriber perks and free shipping on your monthly delivery.

We'll use our expert knowledge to select two beautiful fragrances to compliment the time of year, or celebrate a particular theme.

Inside your monthly subscription, you'll receive:

Two, full-sized pouches of our beautifully scented wax melts, with free shipping included (that's ~145 hours of luxurious fragrance, straight through your letterbox, every month!)

Each full sized pouch contains six large soy wax melt cubes.

Subscriptions should be purchased separately to other items.

If purchasing your first box alongside other products, all items will be shipped together after the 20th and in line with our advised order fulfilment time. 

Benefits to our monthly wax melt subscription service:

- Save 25% (including shipping)

- Dispatched on the 20th of every month and delivered straight through your letterbox

- Cancel any time

- Benefit from Glass & Wick's expert knowledge (We'll hand pick the perfect scents for you to fall in love with each month)

- Discover a variety of luxury fragrances, perfectly suited to the time of year, from bestsellers, to seasonal favourites.

- Every now and then: be among the first to try new scent launches, receive exclusive offers/discounts and join our exclusive facebook subscriber group*

*Shipped every month on the 20th, or the following working day if applicable. Billed every 1 month unless paused or cancelled after month 2. Discounts and exclusive offers are periodically sent out over a 12 month period. 

Scents are selected by us each month to compliment the time of year or celebrate a particular theme; we are unable to tailor scents to suit individual preferences. No duplicate scents will be sent within a twelve month period.

Wax melts are an increasingly popular way of almost instantly scenting your space. At a cost of approximately just 5p per hour, they also work out incredibly cost-effective.

Simply light a small, 4 hour tealight in your wax melt burner and place 1 Glass & Wick wax melt in the dish above.

Once the strength of the scent is no longer to your liking, simply swap the melt out for a new one.

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Managing your subscription

Once subscribed, we recommend activating your account so that you can manage your customer information. You can also cancel your subscription this way, too.

By creating your account, you'll also earn loyalty points for every monthly transaction.

To do so, click the little person icon at the top right of the homepage and follow the instructions.

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