Goldilocks would be great at burning wax melts...

How to get your wax melts burning 'just right'...

There are many elements that contribute to a beautifully smelling home when using a soy wax melt.

These are:

- The Wax Melt
- The Burner (Tealight or Electric)
- The Tealights

We've got you covered in regards to the wax melt, using a unique, high quality, sustainble soy wax (known as the carrier) generously blended with luxury fragrance. We also delicately top each melt with dried botanicals for an extra touch of luxury.


The tealight is incredibly important. 

Too hot, and you'll burn the wax, which in turn will add a far less pleasant aroma to the mix. You'll also be burning off the fragrance so quickly that you'll only get 50% of the burn time (if you're lucky).

Too cool and you'll find the wax melt isn't hot enough to 'throw' the beautiful scent around your room. (This is why we call it 'scent throw').

So, how do you ensure you're doing it right? 

It's not as hard as it sounds, so long as you know what you're looking for.

Firstly, only use a 4 hour tealight in your burner. This is the quickest, safest and easiest action to take to getting it 'just right'.

If you have a variety of tealight brands in your draw, you may notice that even though they're advertised as '4 hour', some of the aluminium casings are deeper than others. You want the shallowest casing (typically around 1.2cm deep). 

The reason for this is because the deeper the tealight case, the higher the flame sits in your burner, potentially making it too close to the wax melt pool and burning too hot.

Top Tip: After trialling multiple tealight brands, we recommend Wilko, Sainsbury's or Dunelm. In our experience, Ikea tealights burn very inconsitantly and often don't get hot enough. Naturally, our own brand hand poured soy tealights are the premium alternative to all of the above; it just depends how much of a wax melt connoissuer you wish to be. You can purchase these here.


The Burner


The burner you choose to use is also an important factor. 

Too small (possibly an oil burner) and you'll be shortening the span between the tealight and the dish. This results in the wax melt pool, again, becoming too hot.

Too tall, and you'll like experience the wax melt burning too cool.

The material and/or thickness of the burner is also a contributing factor to the temperature it burns. Glass or metal dishes can often burn too hot. 

We wouldn't expect you to be able to pick the best possible burner based on its material, thickness and overall design, so you can rest assured that any of the burners we have available here have been tried and tested with our soy wax melts. 

If you have a variety of burners at home and aren't enjoying the wax melt as you would hope to, try another burner and compare the scent throw. 


For those using an electric wax melt burner


The benefit to an electric burner is that it'll always heat the wax melt consistently to the same temperature. The only thing to note is therefore the electrical output dictates the scent throw you experience. 

The average range of electrical output for burners is between 25w and 40w. We've experienced some customers saying that 25w doesn't give a very strong scent throw, however this comes down to personal preference. You'll also find that the lower the temperature the wax melt burns, the longer it lasts, so it's all about finding the perfect balance for what you enjoy most. 


By knowing all of the above, we're certain you'll enjoy our soy wax melts as tens of thousands have already. 

Thank you again for your purchase. To find out the best ways to remove the solidfied wax from your burner, you can read our informative article here

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