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Placing an Order

Adding a 'Note to Seller'

You're more than welcome to add a gift note at checkout for our dispatch team to write, if you wish. Other than handwritten notes, we kindly ask that your request/query is emailed to us on

This way, we can ensure it gets to our customer service team, who can assist. Our dispatch team are not able to respond to queries sent via the notes section.

Please note, any notes added to your order are not seen until the point of dispatch, therefore any requests of an urgent nature should also be emailed to us.

Due to the nature of the shipping process, our team are unable to view any notes added to subscription boxes or 24 hours of scent orders.

Using Discount Codes

All discount codes are subject to specific terms and conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw any discount code and/or cancel any order if its use is not compliant with the terms and conditions of the offer. Only one discount code can be entered at checkout. 

Existing Orders

Editing/Amending My Order

If you've made an error with your existing order, we may still be able to assist, as long as it hasn't yet been dispatched. To give us the best chance of assisting, please email us as soon as possible. 

By contacting us, we will be able to change your shipping address, add/remove products or cancel/refund your order. 

Fulfilment Time

Order Fulfilment Time:

As all items are hand poured to order, our website banner will display the existing fulfilment time. After this time, your order will be shipped. For order times specific to your order, please review your order confirmation email, sent at the time of placing your order.

Shipping Times:

All orders are shipped with Royal Mail. The services offered at checkout are either 1st class or 2nd class. Royal Mails 2nd class service aims for 48-72 hours from door to door. Royal Mail's 1st class service aims for 24-48 hours from door to door. Please be advised that these are only 'aim for' times and rarely delays occur outside of our control.

Shipping Cost and Services

All orders are shipped with Royal Mail; you can select to have your order shipped with 1st or 2nd class services. Please be advised that this does not reduce the order fulfilment time.

Shipping Delays/Missing Parcel

Rest assured, our team are available to assist in any way possible. 

Delays and lost orders are very rare, however unfortunately instances do occur whereby your order is delayed or does go missing. 

After 7 working days from the date of shipment, we'll be able to assist with locating your parcel. Unfortunately we are unable to replace any missing items until 7 working days, from the date of shipment, has lapsed. 

Wrong Items Received/Missing Items

Firstly, please accept our apologies for any items received in error. 

Missing items:

Please let us know of the items that are missing from your order. All shipments are booked in with the exact weight, so we are able to quickly confirm an item is missing and arrange these to be shipped to your promptly. 

Items Received in Error:

In this instance, please take a photo of the items you've received in error. We will then be able to assist further and arrange the correct item to be sent promptly, if applicable. 

Items Ordered with Subscription Box

If you have ordered any other items with your subscription box, then all items will be shipped together when your subscription box is due to be sent (20th or next working day where applicable). This is because free shipping is included with your subscription box and when ordering together, no further shipping charges apply. 

Should you wish to receive any items prior to your subscription box, please order separately so shipping can be paid for.  

Little Letter Box Wax Melt Subscription

Fulfilment Times

All subscription boxes are dispatched on the 20th of the month or next working day where applicable, via Royal Mail's second class service.

The cut-off date for subscription payments is the 19th of the month. Therefore, if you have ordered on the 20th of March, your first box will be dispatched on the 20th of April, to give an example.

Subscription Box Not Yet Arrived

All subscription boxes are dispatched on the 20th of the month (or following working day whereby the 20th falls on a weekend or bank holiday). 

98% of subscription boxes arrive within 3 working days of dispatch. If your box hasn't arrived within 7 working days since shipment, please contact us so a member of the team can assist. 

Changing Payment Method

Changing your payment method is as simple as logging in to your account and clicking 'edit' or 'add payment method' under the 'payment methods' tab.

When on the log in page of our website, click 'manage your subscription' and you'll be asked to enter your email address to receive a secure log in code.

You are welcome to email our team at to check that this has been changed, quoting the last 4 digits of your card number for us to cross reference. 


Subscription Payment Frequency

All subscriptions are charged once per month, on or very close to the same date you initially subscribed.

If you subscribed around the 20th of the month, it is likely that your first box will be in transit during the same time your second payment is taken. The second payment is for the following month's box. 

Rest assured, you have not been charged twice for the same box. If you wish to change your payment date, please contact us so we can change the date to one that suits you best. 

Trouble Logging In

To log in to your subscription account, visit our log in page and click 'click to manage your subscription'. You'll then be asked to enter your email address for a secure log in code.

Subscription Declined Payments

Any declined payment is attempted 2 further times, afterwhich our system automatically cancels your subscription. This means that if your payment was declined once, our system will automatically try again later that day.

There are several common reasons why your payment was declined:

- Insufficient funds

- A change of billing address

- A new card issued

- Your bank's security measures have changed

In the case of insufficient funds, you can top up your balance ready for the next charge later that day. Once successfully charged, you'll receive an order confirmation email.

In the instance whereby your billing details have changed, you will need to log in to your customer account (see 'Managing Your Customer Account' above if not activated). Once logged in, you can ammend your billing details. Please note, once successful your next charge will be scheduled for 30 days time, therefore should you wish to be included in this month’s box, please email

If you're stuggling to make any amendments, please call us on 0115 8500998 for us to sort this for you. You are able to email us with any address changes, however for new card payment details, please do not detail this private information to us via email, as we can not guarantee the security of this sensitive information.

If none of the above apply, it is likely your bank's security measures have changed. Depending on with whom you bank with, you may be able to manage these security measures in your banking app, however it may be that you need to call the bank to ask why this payment has been denied.

Editing/Cancelling Your Subscription

Your customer information can be edited at any time via your customer account. You can also cancel your subscription via your account, too.  Alternatively, please email us and we will be able to edit/cancel your subscription manually. 

Please be advised that if you have already paid for this month's subscription, one final box will be received after you have cancelled. Rest assured, you will not be charged from the date of cancellation. 

This Month's Scents Aren't My Favourite, Can I Swap Them?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the subscription service, we are unable to cater to scent preferences and, unless faulty, can not swap any scents. We hope in this instance that you are able to gift these to a friend or family-member for them to enjoy instead. 

The subscription service is designed for customers to enjoy experiencing a variety of different scent profiles, whilst making a small saving each month, as well as enjoying multiple exclusive perks throughout the year. Whilst we would love you to be one of our monthly subscribers, if you consider yourself to be well accustomed to which type of scent profiles you like and dislike, you may find that ordering specific scents, rather than subscribing, is more appropriate for you.

Adding Order Notes

Due to the nature of the shipping process, our team are unable to view any notes added to subscription boxes or 24 hours of scent orders.

Please therefore email with any queries you may have.

Customer Account/Loyalty Points

Creating a Customer Account

To create a customer account, click the little person icon located at the top right of our homepage (or click 'log in' via the website menu when on a mobile device). You'll need to create a password and authenticate this via email. 

Top Tip: If you've already ordered from us, we recommending creating your account using the same email address, as this will reconcile your order history. 

Earning Loyalty Points

You can only earn loyalty points once you've created a customer account. 

Afterwards, you just need to place an order using the email address your account is set up under and you'll begin earning points based on your order totals.

The loyalty points dashboard can be found via a button that hovers on our homepage. An icon is displayed on this button, showing a shopping bag and a love heart. Once you're logged in, this dashboard will show tailored information according to your shopping history. Information displayed here will include your points balance, how to earn points and how to redeem them. 

Top Tip: If your points balance isn't showing, and the other information isn't tailored to you, then it's likely you're not logged in.  

Please note that loyalty points can not be added retrospectively based on historic orders, therefore please create an account as soon as possible if you wish to begin earning points. 

Earning Birthday Points

We send points on your birthday, as a little "Happy Birthday" present. To receive this, you must enter your birthday, via the dashboard, at least 1 month prior to your actual birthday. 

Redeeming/Spending Loyalty Points

All loyalty points can be exchanged for discount codes, valued to the nearest £1 (100 points). For example, if you have 595 points, you can exchange these for a discount code to the value of £5. 

To redeem your points, you must first log in and then click the loyalty button hovering on the bottom right of our homepage. Scroll down within this dashboard and follow the instructions.

Candle Making Experiences

What do the candle making experiences involve?

You’ll experience a warm welcome to our Nottingham showroom, with calming music, a glass of bubbles (or perhaps a cup of tea?)  and a comfortable seat under our beautiful floral installation. 

Your workshop host will take you through your ‘scent menu’, where you’ll immerse your senses in an array of Glass & Wick scents, all whilst broadening your knowledge of different scent profiles as well as lead, heart and base notes. 

Once you’ve chosen a scent you love, you’ll follow Glass & Wick’s tried and tested methods and recipes to make your very own candle. 

You’ll be guided through the entire process by your candle-making expert, to ensure your finished candle is as perfect as if you bought it straight from our shop. We’ll share hints and tips along the way, as well as our in-depth candle care knowledge.

At the end of your relaxing candle making experience, you’ll be more than welcome to peruse a curated collection of Glass & Wick products, taking advantage of an exclusive 10% ‘on-the-day’ discount.

How long do the candle making experiences last?

Our candle making experiences last between approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Your host will also be available for a period of approximately twenty minutes at the end of your experience, to provide the opportunity for you to peruse a curated collection of Glass & Wick products, so that you can take advantage of your exclusive 10% discount code.

This is of course completely optional and you're welcome to leave as soon as your experience is finished.

What time should I arrive for my candle making experience?

Our workshops will begin promptly at the advertised time. Please therefore arrive no earlier than fifteen minutes before this time and no later than five minutes before the session is due to start. This allows time for your host to welcome you with a drink, allow you to settle in and ensure a relaxed environment. Of course, sometimes these things can't be helped! If you’re running late for any reason, please contact us by telephone on 0115 850 0998.

What should I wear on the day?

You're more than welcome to dress as you wish, however we advise wearing comfortable clothing. We also advise against wearing tops with dangling sleeves as your sleeves my impede your ability to safely and accurately mix and pour. 

Spillages may result in stained clothing, therefore please bear this in mind. An apron will be provided.

Will I get to take my candle home with me on the day?

Each candle requires a minimum of 24 hours to cure. Your candle will then go through a final heating process to ensure a beautifully smooth top, ready for enjoying at home! This is also when the wick will be trimmed, the vessel polished for a final time and the label applied - each step professionally carried out to ensure you receive a truly special end product.

The final step to making your candle will be assembling your candle box and signing it off as your own, ready to receive it just a few days later.

If you're local, you're most welcome to come and collect your candle/s up to 3 working days later (collection time arranged at the end of the experience).

Our workshop address/directions

Our Address: 

Glass & Wick, 1st Floor, Arnold Business Centre, Brookfield Road, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 7ER.Directions: 

We're situated in the industrial estate on Brookfield Road. As you approach, you'll see a big yellow sign reading 'Biz Space', as well as a warehouse named 'Austin's Carpets'. Make a turn into the cul-de-sac, driving half way up the road (with Austin's Carpets to your left). 

There are two car parks available to you. A large over-flow carpark on the left and a smaller carpark straight ahead. 

If parking in the over-flow carpark, you'll need to walk over to the lift, situated in the top right corner (opposite Phillip Watts Design). Press the button and select floor 1.

If you're coming from the other side of the building, proceed to the main reception and walk straight through to the lift (through the double doors). Press the button and select floor 1.

If you get lost, you can give us a call on 0115 8500998.


Access to our 1st floor studio can be gained via stairs or lift. There is also a wheelchair ramp leading up to the lift.

If you have any concerns regarding mobility, please do speak to us prior to the experience so we can advise accordingly. 

I can't make it to my candle making experience, can I get a refund?

Please be advised that by purchasing a ticket for any candle making experience, your space will be reserved for you and made unavailable for others to purchase. Therefore, all tickets purchased are unfortunately non-refundable and non-transferrable.

If you are unable to attend and wish to gift your space to someone else, you must let us know the name and contact details of that person no later than 72 hours prior to the experience taking place. 

These terms apply to all cancellations, regardless of their nature.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Who are the candle making experiences suitable for?

All participants must be over the age of 14. Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian whom has also purchased a ticket for this experience. A maximum of 2 children per adult are able to attend, so that they have the appropriate supervision at all times.

This is intended to be a recreational activity. Glass & Wick do not intend for this experience to be transferrable to running a candle business. Furthermore, trade secrets and/or information we deem sensitive to our operation will not be shared. 

Can large groups book onto public workshop dates?

Our workshops are perfect for special occasions. However, to ensure the enjoyment for all participants, please be advised that any non-private workshops will be a fun, calm and relaxing atmosphere. If you’re intending to attend a workshop in celebration of a hen do, birthday party or something similar which will likely effect the dynamic/noise/atmosphere of the workshop for others, a private booking must be made. 

Can I book more than one ticket for public candle making experiences?

You certainly can! Please note, you will only be able to book as many spaces as are still available on that particulate date/time. If booking for more than four people, we would advise getting in touch to arrange a private workshop, to ensure the best experience for all.

I’d like to make a private booking for less than 6 participants, is that possible?

We can offer private bookings for smaller groups than 6 participants, however the minimum fee of £330 will still be applicable. Please complete our private group booking form to arrange this.

Can you bring your candle making experiences to my house/workspace?

We'll certainly do our best! To book us to travel to your home/venue to host a candle making experience, please complete our private group booking form and we will do our best to accommodate. Please note, extra fees will be incurred to enable us to travel to you. Depending on the suitability of your requested venue/location, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Can I make a private booking for more than 12 participants?

For larger bookings, please complete our private group booking form and we will see what we can do!

Can I book a virtual candle making experience?

Sorry, our workshops are in-person only at this moment in time.

How many participants can attend a public workshop?

For public workshop dates, we have a maximum capacity of 8 spaces. For a workshop date to go ahead, a minimum of four participants must attend. In the rare instance that there are not enough participants, you will be notified no later than 14 days prior to your workshop date and refunded in full.

What if I have an allergy or special request?

Unless expressed otherwise to us via email, we assume that you do not possess any allergies which may affect your ability to participate in this candle making experience. Should you have any concerns regarding any allergens, or have any special requests regarding your candle making experience, please email

Trouble-Shooting/Product Information

Soy Wax Melts

How Do I Get My Wax Melts to Last Longer

Each soy wax melt is designed to provide ~12 hours of scent. As the wax melt gets closer to the 12 hour mark, you'll notice the scent to weaken. This is when it's due to be replaced.

The performance of any wax melt is dependent on the way the wax melt is heated. 

Too hot and the wax melt will burn off the fragrance too quickly, resulting in a very short, strong scent, likely progressing to the unwanted smell of burning wax. This is often caused by either a large tealight (8 hour or deep 4 hour tealight) or a short wax melt burner (less than ~9cm in depth). 

For the wax melt to last for the advised time of ~12 hours, always use a small, 4 hour tealight and a wax melt burner between ~10 and ~13cm tall. This will maintain an even heat throughout. 

How Do I Get A Stronger Scent Throw?

If you find that the scent of your wax melt isn't very strong when burning (known as the hot throw) it is very likely that the wax melt isn't being heated enough to effectively release the fragrance. 

This is often caused for the following reasons:

Using an electric burner - Electric burners with a low electrical output (wattage less than ~28W), can often not get warm enough to emit the fragrance. 

Defective tealight - Defective tealights can be even be found amongst your favourite brand of tealights, therefore first we advise to simply swap the tealight. If the same issue keeps occuring, it's worth trying a different packet of tealights entirely. 

Tall wax melt burner - It may be that your wax melt burner is too tall, meaning that the tealight placement is too far away from the base of the wax melt dish. The burner should typically be no more than ~10-12cm tall. If you have an alternative burner to try, this will help ascertain exactly what the issue is. 

Often some trial and error will quickly ascertain exactly what the issue is. 

The Scent is Too Strong

If you're finding the scent too strong, but it is lasting ~12 hours before the scent dissipates (therefore not being overheated), we recommend halving the wax melt and using just 1 half at a time.  

Are Your Wax Melts Vegan-Friendly/Cruelty-Free?

Our wax melts are made from vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients.

None of our products are ever tested on animals. 

Are Your Wax Melts Plastic Free?

Yes! We very proudly have never once contained our wax melts in any plastic packaging. This makes our manufacturing process much more labour intensive, however it's a small price we are always willing to pay! 

We also use FSC certified cardboard. 


Are Candles as Strong as Wax Melts?

Due to the nature of how wax melts emit fragrance, a wax melt will always provide a stronger scent throw. This is because the wax acts a carrier to the fragrance, allowing the fragrance to be heated and 'throw' the scent. In contrast, a candle is fuelled via the wick, using a combination of the wax and fragrance oil to produce the scent throw. 

We recommend using scented candles to add ambience and a gentle aroma throughout a small-medium sized room; ideal for intimate dinner parties, sitting rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. If you're looking for a strong scent throw to fill an entire space, we would recommend a wax melt.

Small Cracks in the Candle Wax

A natural occurrence of vegetable wax, cracks can occasionally occur during the colder weather. This is simply due to temperature changes the candle has been exposed to since being poured and then arriving with you. 

Don't worry - this won't affect the candle's performance or quality in any way, and will be gone after the first burn. 

Tunnelling Candles

Any candle will tunnel if it's not been burned properly (well, that is so long as it is a good quality candle). Every candle has a memory, so the next burn is only as good as the last. 

To ensure it melts all the way to the edges, follow the candle care guide which is popped inside every one of our candle boxes. On this candle care guide, you'll see we advise always burning the candle for a full 4 hours on the first burn and then up to 4 hours every burn, until the wax has melted all the way to the edges. This is known as a "full-melt pool".

You'll find that as the candle burns down, it takes less time for the wax to melt to the edges. This is because the heat is retained further down the candle, assisting with the melting. 

Maintaining a Safe and Effective Wick Height

Maintaining a safe and effective wick height will ensure the candle burns just as it should. Always trim your candle wick to 5mm in height before each burn (don't worry, we've done this for you, ready for the first burn). 

Trimming your wick will also ensure that the candle does not burn too hot/too quickly, allowing for a safe, clean burn all the way down. Our wicks are also engineered to have a small amount of wax left at the bottom of the candle; this is so you can't burn the candle when there's not enough wax left, preventing the vessel from becoming too hot and breaking.