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Woodland Retreat Reed Diffuser

Escape to a rustic log cabin, nestled deep within a magical woodland, far away. Close your eyes and soak up the feeling of true peace and serenity as your troubles melt away.

This spellbinding fragrance will cocoon you in notes of bergamot, sandalwood, and dark, warming spices. Tantalising, earthy and comforting. 

Lead notes: Bergamot, Orange, Green leaf, Nutmeg, Pepper.

Heart notes: Clove, Lavender, Patchouli, Amber.

Base notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Moss, Tonka. 


Enjoy a low maintenance, continuous scent throw throughout your home with our luxury diffusers. Blended by hand, using the maximum amount of fine fragrance oils and eco-friendly base; complete with 8, high quality, fibre reeds to ensure a strong and long-lasting scent throw. 

Depending on air circulation and diffuser placement; our 200ml diffusers are designed to last approximately 4 months.

Product Care:

Simply place your diffuser in desired area, and remove the stopper and inset all 8 of your reeds. Our reeds are designed not to clog, so you should only need to flip them if you notice a decrease in scent throw. When you run out, simply replace with one of our diffuser refills; complete with a brand new set of reeds! 

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