The Nest Burner
The Nest Burner
The Nest Burner
The Nest Burner

The Nest Burner

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Our new stoneware burner features a soft, rounded shape and removable dish; exclusively created for Glass & Wick. 

This burner is finished with a crisp, white glaze that features natural speckles in parts and a subtle shimmer when appreciated closely. This contrasts with the natural tones of the clay which have been left exposed in parts, for a touch of rustic charm and a celebration of the materials used to create the piece. 

The removable dish makes for easy wax melt removal, whilst the circular opening allows the gentle glow of a tealight to be enjoyed when in use. 

Please note: although our images give a good indication as to the expected finish, this item is made entirely by hand and therefore the precise shape, size and glazing details may differ slightly between pieces. This enhances the character and charm of each piece. 

 Height: Approx 8cm 

Starting as a mere ball of stoneware clay, the clay is split into two pieces and delicately thrown by hand to form the body and the dish. 

Once thrown, the body is carved to create the opening, which will later form the entrance to the middle of the burner where the tea light will be housed. 

Due to the delicate size of the dish, this piece can't simply be thrown in the same way as a bowl and therefore, Hannah begins with a much larger dish, upside down on the wheel, and gradually shaves away ribbons of clay until it forms the perfect shape and size.

When dry, it's time for their first firing in the kiln. 

Known formally as Bisque firing, both pieces will spend 20 hours in 1000 degree heat! Once cooled, Hannah gently sands down each piece 

until smooth.

The finishing touch...

Once glazed, it's time for a second firing which is even hotter than the first,  reaching 1260 degrees. This firing lasts an entire 24 hours! 

Once cooled, each burner receives a final quality check and a light sand before the piece is finally complete and ready to be enjoyed.

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Hand Thrown by

Hannah Quigley

This is our second collaboration with Hannah; a talented, Nottingham based ceramicist based just a few doors down from the Glass & Wick Studio.

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