Stag Candle Snuffer
Stag Candle Snuffer
Stag Candle Snuffer

Stag Candle Snuffer

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Functional and decorative; extinguish your candles throughout the season with our rustic snuffer, designed to enhance your festive styling. 

When not in use, try styling on a nearby table for added seasonal charm to your decor.

Using a snuffer maintains the quality of your candles over time.

Features a stag design handle and hinged end, to allow for easy extinguishing of your candles.

Measurements: Approximately 29cm

To use: Simply place the bell of the snuffer over candle flame until it goes out, taking care not to allow the snuffer to submerge into the wax pool

Safety: The bell of the snuffer will become hot during use, please allow to cool before placing on any surfaces

Product Care: Regularly clean your snuffer using a polishing cloth  


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All of our fragranced products are hand poured, in house, using sustainably sourced natural wax and FSC certified, plastic free packaging.

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