Our Story

Before we created Glass & Wick, we were spending £100’s a month on scented products, but were rarely entirely happy with what we bought.

We found:

- Candles which smelt amazing in the shop, but barely noticeable when lit

- Candles which produced excessive soot and used unnatural wax

- Candles which never burned to the edges and looked messy after 1 burn

- Melts which, after burning for a couple of hours, just smelt of burning wax.

- Fragrances which smelt artificial or sickly

So, we spent over 6 months creating and perfecting our own range of unique recipes to avoid future disappointment with branded products.

The story of our candles

From the beginning, we knew we only wanted to use a plant-based wax for our products.
We tested multiple plant-based waxes and fell in love with a completely natural blend of coconut and rapeseed wax. This is also sustainably sourced and one of the most eco-friendly waxes available.
Once we found the perfect wax, we tested SO many unique blends of fragrance and wick sizes to create our Signature and Noir candle ranges.
Did you know?
For every new fragrance or vessel size, the process of testing a new blend of ingredients begins all over again! This is what makes creating a delightful candle so challenging, yet so rewarding.
Many candle lovers are unaware of essential candle maintenance tips. To ensure you get the absolute best from your candle, we provide you with a nifty little ‘candle care’ card to help you continue the love and care your product was made with.
The story of our wax melts
Our customers can't get enough of our little wax stars! They say they are 'addicted' and won’t return to leading wax melt brands.
Behind our wax melts was another rigorous testing process. Multiple wax variations, hundreds of fragrances and thousands of wax melts later, we found our pure soy wax and narrowed our range down to 18 staple scents. For us, it's about using scents which compliment any atmosphere; be it a spring clean, date night, or some relaxing 'me' time.
Our little melts pack a punch, and will fill the room with beautiful aromas, without being overpowering or sickly. Not only do they smell wonderful, but we like to think they look pretty adorable too! We know everybody likes their melts to look pretty in their burners, so each pure soy wax melt is delicately topped with a sprinkling of dried botanicals.
Made with Love:
Our candles and melts are hand poured in small batches, with love and care. Our customers are at the heart of what we do and each purchase makes our day! Please feel free to have a browse of our shop and read the reviews for yourself!
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