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October 2022

This month, we're celebrating one of the oldest and most famous perfumery ingredients - Myrrh. Myrrh is rich in history, having been used in perfumery for over 3700 years and is renowned for its warm, earthy scent.

What could be more perfect to get us through these cold, wintery evenings?

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September 2022

Autumn is now well underway and this month, we are embracing the season with two scents that make the perfect accompaniment to a chilly evening or crisp Autumnal morning spent curled up under a blanket and enjoying some time to 'simply be'.

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August 2022

For August, Bianca has picked two scents which beautifully capture the transition from Summer into Autumn. It's also the beginning of the manic candle season, which means this month offers early access to two scents not due to be released until September.