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Discover the contents of each month's box as it's dispatched.

Every month, Bianca will detail the scents she's picked for you to enjoy, covering scent notes, top tips and more!

April 2022

April's wax melt subscription box celebrates citrus fragrances. Discover a brand new and exclusive scent, as well as a Bird & Blend freebie!

March 2022

This month's wax melt scents have been selected as a celebration of longer days and warmer evenings. Bianca wanted to take subscribers out of their comfort zone with 2 of Glass & Wick's more complex fragrances. Also find out two top tips for getting the most out of your wax melts...

February 2022

February's wax melt subscription scents revealed. This month's box is all about your Spring clean. Bianca details the fruity and floral notes amongst the two scents she's selected and explains a top tip for scenting your space without burning a single wax melt!

January 2022

This month's wax melt scents have been selected to make your home feel clean, fresh and revitalising, whilst offering warm and cosy nuances to enjoy whilst the evenings are still drawing in early. Bianca details why she's chosen these two scents for January, advises about scent pairing and details an exclusive competition for our subscribers!